Hello Again

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It’s been 3 years, 4 months and 26 days since my last post and considering the topic of my last blog here, one might think that I have fallen off the face of the earth out of heartbreak and desperation. Well, no.

I”ve been everywhere for the last three years and four months of my life. It is going to be pretty difficult to enumerate each one because even I have not been able to keep up with whats going on in my life but let me try for the sake of updating and reviving this little place of mine in the world wide web.

  1. I started baking and eventually accepted orders online. Infinite Syme, my bake shop started around 2014. It was a glorious experience to create something beautiful out of scratch. I think I was able to manage accepting orders for two years but my regular work schedule got in the way but reading past posts from this blog made me realize that way back New Year of 2008, one of my resolutions or to-do things is to learn how to bake, ain’t that sweet that after several years you still somehow to get to do things you thought you’ll never have time to do. I still bake on my free time or when a loved one is celebrating birthdays or whatever.
  2. I jumped from my World Citi Colleges to Lyceum of the Philippines University and Asian College. I was with WCC for almost 4 years until I decided to challenge myself out of my comfort zone. It was a liberating and exhilirating ride, to be able to spread my wing further and expand my horizon. I have learned a lot of things since then. Right now, I’m exclusively with Asian College and playing a key role in the organizational chart. It feels good to grow.
  3. I’ve had two official relationships and a few dates/flings after the guy from my last post. I think I have had a great deal of lessons in the last 3 years when it comes to relationships and love. I’ll write about the last two guy I’ve been with, just to continue my Unsent Series here, so wait for that. hehehe!
  4. I’ve traveled the most the last three years compared to the last 10 years before that. Travelling isn’t something that I’d plan actively but with my line of work it had been a great blessing. 2015 brought me to Boracay, Bacolod, Iloilo, Silay and Dumaguete. 2016 was for Ilocos Norte/Sur and Baguio City. 2017 was for Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and Dumaguete City again. 2018 started off with Baler and Bangkok, Thailand…. Still in awe how life manage to take me to places I have never even dreamed of going to.
  5. Writing will always be one of passion and writing a novel is still one of my wildest dream. I have started realizing that dream and now it is just a matter of finishing it up. I still feel that my work is still not complete or still missing a few more parts. I have put a few chapters online on my other blog. One day I’ll finally be contented and be through with it but for now let me nitpick on it. If you want to read the few chapters I posted here’s the link.
  6. Friendship is something that have become sacred to me through the years. I sort the people I interact with. People I work with, People I previously worked with, former classmates, acquaintances, former students etc…. and out of those categories a friend emerges. I have my set of criteria before I call you a friend, and I think that deserve a different post. A friendship that I held dear ended abruptly, something that I had to process for a long time and also the reason why I chose to be selective of the people I call friends.
  7. Struggles. Few months in 2016 saw me through my darkest hours. Struggle was real emotionally, physically and even financially. I can say that I’ve grown stronger and have gotten to know myself more through that ordeal. Working 15 hours a day, for two companies is not an easy feat but I chose to struggle than stay stagnant. Struggle has become a favorite word then, it means one is moving, jerking, doing everything they can to get out of an unwanted situation. People who struggle comes out stronger, survivors all the way.

So there, I think I have summed up almost all the experiences that were catalytic to the person I’am today. I’ll be writing again from here on out. So, if you’re still interested about my life outside the closet… Read on!

Love, Simon


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